Motherboard Turns On, Then Off After 1 Second

A friend of mine has just bought a new computer which we built today. As soon as everything was set to go, we turned on the PC. Nothing happened. Then we looked through the manual, but everything seemed to look good. We tried to turn the PC on, again, nothing happened.

After about 3-4 hours of researching, we came up with two conclusions. Either there's something wrong with the psu, or the motherboard. We troubleshooted both, and it seemed like the motherboard was the problem. Unfortunately, we couldn't find out why the motherboard turned on in one second and then turned off.

The only thing we heard when we tested the pc outside of the case when we started the pc was the sound of the psu fan and the processor cooling fan, turned on and off.

Does anyone know what is causing this? We've tried so many things, but we can't seem to find the problem. Can it be that the motherboard is broken? All the parts is totally new.

Please help us guys! My friend was really looking forward for this day!
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    If you are testing the board in a bread board condition, then the problem is highly likely to be the motherboard from my experience. I have had a few boards act that way. RMA it and get a new one. If funds allow, order the replacement first and RMA the bad board for refund.
  2. Did you use the motherboard stand offs when installing it in your case
  3. Yes I used the standoffs. They fitted perfectly. The motherboard we used was the MSI B85M-E45.
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