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I added a graphics card to my computer and if I go into screen resolution on windows it says that I have 2 display, which I don't. It has my main display as number 2 and a display 1 that is 640 x 480 resolution. I can drag windows onto it, but I can't see it because I don't have a second monitor.I disabled the driver, but it is still there. It will not show up in my Nvidia Control Panel. When I turn on my computer my main display(display 2) won't turn on until about 15-20 seconds later, and I don't see the boot up logo for windows or the PC manufacturers logo. My computer thinks that I have 2 display plugged in, but I don't. It is called Generic Non-PnP Monitor. Please Help!!
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    I can't get into the BIOS. My computer won't display the boot up process where I would enter the BIOS and if I go to my BIOS in windows 8.1 through recovery I get a blank screen then I have to hit my power button to turn off and back on my computer to boot into windows.
  2. Having the same problem here also. Board I'm using doesn't have a port for integrated graphics so I'm stuck with my r7 260x. Another thing to is I have had dancing red pixels on dark areas of my screen. Have you noticed that also?
  3. Same here!
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