Looking for advice on mATX board and video card.

Hi folks,

I was wondering if I could get some advice. I have a micro atx system (prodigy m case) that I built last year but didn't use much. I'm thinking now I'd like to beef it up and make it a gaming rig. It's got an Intel Core i7 3770 (ivy bridge) that I'm happy with but I cheaped out on the board and video card so I'd like to upgrade.

I'm looking for the best board I can get that has high RAM options. Four slots with at least 32gb capacity. Wired internet is also not an option so built in wireless N or AC are needed, or an option to add it without filling a PCI slot since I'd like to put a big video card in.

As far as video card goes, I realize it's dangerous to say my budget is unlimited, but I'm able to put a few hundred dollars into it. I'm looking for that sweet spot of bang for buck. I'm happy to pay more for better performance but don't wanna spend hundreds extra for tiny gains.

Anyways, I realize I'm being kind of specific, but from the threads I read on here, the pros like that.

Thanks in advance for your time and any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Invest in stronger GPU instead of getting an expensive motherboard. If you are want to make a gaming rig with your i7 3770 go for at least GTX 770. if you have few bucks more to spare then go for GTX 780 or r9 290 for futureproof.

    Don't buy a Z77 motherboard, instead go for a h77 board to save money for GPU, it will give you same performance and features except overclock-ability,which is not possible with your CPU. All features you mentioned are present in any h87 motherboard.

    Anyway what is your monitor size and resolution? and what about your budget?
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