Power surge detected and blue screen ( see last post)

As I was playing a good game of Hawken, my computer restarted. It had an American Megatrends screen that said that there was a power surge detected and that Asus anti surge was triggered. okay, so i went into bios to boot windows and try to play hawken again. soon after i started another game it restarted again. So here i am.
Just before i had been in my computer and all I did was turn a case fan around so it was blowing air out instead of in.
I check power connections, and ended up unplugging that fan. I was able to play a full game afterwards without a restart so I am unsure of what is going on.
would that fan have caused it? (I cant really see how unless i plugged it in wrong somehow)
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  1. Could be a Bad power supply , which one do you own?
  2. I have an Antec EA-650 Green. I have had it since about mid July.

    Run HWMonitor to check your voltages.
  4. which voltages in specific am I looking for?
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    Power supply.
  6. Highlighted in red.

  7. All I am able to see on hwmonitor is readings for the motherboard, the CPU, the hard drive, and the graphics card
  8. my mistake, I mean that I do not see a +12v or a +5v
  9. Should look like the readings in Red above with the voltages.

    What are your specs?
  10. Mobo: asus p8b75-m/csm
    Cpu: i3-3220
    gpu: evga 650ti boost superclocked
    Ram: 8gb patriot signature
    Psu: antec ea-650
  11. hwmonitor shows only "CPU Vcore" "AVCC" "3VCC" and VIN 1 - 11 with no 12v 5v or 3.3v at all in the list
  12. Check to make sure your power connections are all plugged in correctly.

    Card , Board , CPU
  13. mirage12356 said:
    hwmonitor shows only "CPU Vcore" "AVCC" "3VCC" and VIN 1 - 11 with no 12v 5v or 3.3v at all in the list

    That's because HWMonitor doesn't know to interpret your motherboard's sensor output signals.

    Try the freeware HWiNFO64 utility:

    You can also use the utility that came with your motherboard or you can download it from ASUS' website.
  14. Fair enough. and everything seems to be plugged in correctly.
  15. I checked the rails In bios and they all read slightly higher as in the 12v read 12.19, the 5v read 5.6, and the 3.3v read 3.36. but those numbers dont seem to concerning
  16. The ASUS Anti Surge is more sensitive to PSU's with poor transient response (i.e. the PSU does not respond quick enough to load changes).

    It can also be triggered when some overclocking settings are set too aggressively.
  17. as i dont have any overclocking and all my parts are set to stock clock speeds i can just assume that there was no real error it was just the anti surge itself that caused the reset? is that correct?
  18. The +5V rail should be between +4.75 and +5.25V. Anything outside of that range is considered out of spec.
  19. ah typo i mean 5.06
  20. I have had no issue since then, Only those 2 resets have happened. I have been able to do everything no problem even on higher loads.
  21. well just today as i was going on youtube the computer blue screened and i believe it said something about display drivers. ive never had any issues like this before.
  22. MAJOR UPDATE: well my computer reset again, and when it turned back on the PSU made horrid noises, started to smell and turned back off so its fair to say its dead.
  23. i have a backup 500w so ill replace it now
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