Will this be a good gaming PC?

I wanted to know if this build will run most new games such as BF4 and Titanfall. My budget is around $1500 but no more than $1770. I will be overclocking.
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  1. This is a great build. There's really nothing I'd change.
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    You could drop in a 850w PSU to give you enough headroom for future sli.
  3. Pointlessly overpriced motherboard, anything with 'Z87' written on the box will do the exact same thing and will save you $100. PSU is also pretty overkill both in price and wattage, anything from Corsair/Antec/Seasonic/Silverstone etc in the $60 range will work fine, Corsair CX600 would do it.

    Use the cash saved to buy a proper keyboard and monitor. Also might want to do a bit more research before dropping $100 on a headset; headphones that advertise surround sound are a waste, you only have two ears.
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