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First of all I have a self built computer with an Asus P8H67-Mle motherboard running Windows 7. Yesterday when I went to turn on my computer I heard a loud pop which turned out to be a blown capacitor in my PSU. I went out, got a new one, installed it, and now my rear audio jacks don't seem to work.

When I go into Sound>Playback, it shows that my speakers are "not plugged in", when they most certainly are. It's defaulted to the Realtek Digital Output device. I also can't get the front panel jack to recognize headphones or anything either.

So far my attempts to solve have been thus: I did a system restore, since the last time I shut down my computer before the PSU blowout it underwent a system update. I did a rollback on my audio drivers and then updated again with realtek audio manager. I went into BIOS and made sure there were no devices disabled. I checked the device manager and observed AMD highdef audio device and Realtek highdef Audio were listed under sound and enabled. I made sure the speaker themselves were working by testing them on a friend's computer. I made sure I was plugging them into the correct jack (duh). I checked for noticeable damage to the MB from the PSU blowout. I made sure I plugged everything back in correctly with the new PSU (I'm like 95% sure I did).

So far the most progress I've made in correcting is thus: When I am in the realtek audio manager, the only way I've been able to get any sound from the computer is by going into the connector settings at the bottom right of the screen next to the Asus audio panel display. My options are HD Audio front panel and AC'97 front panel. By default HD audio front panel was selected. When it is, none of the audio jacks, rear or front, are lit up on the panel display, which I assume means they are disabled or inactive. I changed the connector to AC'97 front panel. This lit up the front jacks on the display and allowed me to bring up options for the front panel audio jacks only. I can plug the speakers into the front headphone jack and get sound to come through them. It's very quiet and turning the volume up on my speakers to compensate results in a faint buzzing sound. The back panel jacks still do not light up.

This has been the only way to get sound and it sounds awful. Please help!
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  1. You might end up having to purchase an audio card. I bet the blown PSU took out some electronics in the MB. You should get a good PSU, with over voltage, over current and short circuit protections. Less chance of damage to your computer's components.
  2. Unfortunately my videocard has a built it fan that takes up the space where I would normally install a sound card.
  3. Here's a shot of my MB after I installed the new PSU

    If anything is out of place let me know.
    I noticed the SPDIF out plug, and I heard on another thread that a little door icon should appear in the realtek audio manager for access to the S/PDIF/IO configuration. I do not have that little door.
    Here's a screenshot of what I see in the audio manager when HDaudio connector is selected and the speakers are plugged into the rear jack like they're supposed to, along with other info I thought would be relative.
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    Everything seems plugged in OK. If your audio devices do not even get recognized, it's an electronics problem, I'd say. You get a USB audio device something like this.
  5. spooky2th said:
    Everything seems plugged in OK. If your audio devices do not even get recognized, it's an electronics problem, I'd say. You get a USB audio device something like this.

    Thanks, I'll give that a shot
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