First PCI-E 16X Slot dead?

How can I tell if my PCI-E slot is dead? I'm using the secondary PCI-E 4X slot for my 650 ti.
I'm using a ASUS M5A97 motherboard for socket AM3+

But let me tell you how my computer reacts to the 650 Ti being placed in the first PCI-E slot, so basically when I first built my computer I plugged the DVI input in etc etc. And as soon as I boot it the monitor just says ASUS and the "press DEL for UEFI BIOS" and stuff. I end up doing it and nothing happens, then when I put my 650 Ti in the 4X slot my PC posts and boots Windows 7.
So now i'm baffled, I really want to CrossFire in the future but I can't because the 'dead' PCI-E slot is preventing me from doing so, It's too late to RMA my motherboard because I don't enjoy the lengthy process of reinstalling my CPU, RAM and removing my heatsink. Plus i've got half of TB of things I don't want to redownload. My local computer shop also said the slot was dead, any chance you guys can help?
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  1. If the slot is dead, you are going to have to replace the motherboard.
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