Will my computer get a virus?

I downloaded a rar file but I did not extract it yet. CAn my computer still get virused? I HOPE NOT ;(!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  1. No. Rar files are like Zip files, 7z files. Its a compressed file for short. What you should be worried about is what is inside it. Also did your antivirus detect it? Or do you have an antivirus?
  2. Yes, your system can still contract a virus from the downloaded file. You should ALWAYS scan any file you download with a reliable anti-virus program before actually opening the file.

    -Wolf sends
  3. I think I opened the file with WINRAR then scaned it with avira... Will it be okay? ;(
  4. Did Avira report any infections? If not, then you're likely ok.

    -Wolf sends
  5. it did report some kinda virus i the rar file i think but i sent it to quarintine?
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    Then your safe. It quarantined it for it to not run. But if the rar file is trusted you can opt to still use the file, else delete it :)
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