Computer turns on and accesses BIOS and shuts off after 10 seconds, 2 beeps when turning on

When I hit the power switch it turns on and the screen comes on to boot up. I get to access BIOS for a couple of seconds then it immediately shuts off. Also two beeps occur right after i turn it on
Hey guys, just finished building my first PC.
I have:
ASUS M5A97 R2.o Motherboard
Radeon 270 AMD 2GB GPU
CX 430 Corsair PSU
AMD 95W 6 core CPU

I unplugged the SATA cables and power to the optical drive, hardrive, and tried using one stick of RAM only it. Please help!
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    Guessing an underpowered PSU, think the CX430 only runs about 385 watts continuous on the 12 volt, for a 270 I generally recommend a good 450 as bear min
  2. Try unplugging the mains and resetting the CMOS, it worked in my case.
  3. Can you get a 750W PSU?
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