I finally get my own room, but here's the problem~ Wireless Card & New Router

So, I'm getting my own room, hooray! That makes me so happy, however...

Between my room and one of the computers on our network, there will be approximately... 4 decently thick walls.

Our wireless netgear router is dying as it's 7 years old, and it cuts out quite a bit nowadays, so we're gunna need a new router.

Not only that, but the desktop requires a wireless card that can receive from about 25ft-30ft away through those 4 walls.

What do you guys suggest I do for this issue? I have no idea what kind of router we should get or what kind of wireless card we should get for the desktop.
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  1. Do you have a budget? At $70 is the D-Link DIR-655 --- $45 is the TP Link TL-WR1043ND, for an adapter Rosewill has a USB with a 5dBi antenna for $20, the RNX-N180UBE
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    If after all the upgrades, you are still experiencing a weak WiFi signal in your new room, you can look into a WiFi extender or a more powerful antenna .
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