i5-4670K or an AMD cpu? which is better?

just wondering what was better, i5-4670k or an AMD cpu around the same price range. Not sure which is better because i see some 8 core amd cpu's out there for very cheap money, but they might be low quality compared to a intel cpu.
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  1. This is just waiting for "fanboys" and a flame war.
  2. lol maybe so, just wondering which one is better for my gaming build though.
  3. Plan on playing multiplayer games (MMOs, LoL), or older games? i5-4670k is the way to go. Skyrim also loves high performance single core CPUs.
  4. yeah i play a LOT of LoL, but when i get the build i think imma play some new next gen games.
  5. +1 enemy1g

    I haven't heard much about more recent games taking advantage of more than 2 - 4 cores and they are just staring with the 4 cores use. As I understand it, Intel makes better use of their fewer cores than AMD does of their 6 and 8.
  6. This question is like an instigator waiting to start something such as a flame war, Just like the OP stated, So let me be the 1st, yes I am an AMD Fanboy, yes Intel is Over priced for junk CPUs that AMD can beat and do just as good and have more cores. I compared my machine when and before purchasing, My FX-6300 OC to 4.8GHz is fast and all the speed I need and was just $130 at the time and I keep up with intel i5s, So buy an Intel and over pay for 2GHz worth of extra speed, Ill be waiting on you on the loading screen!!!
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    I am currently using an AMD FX-6300, it isn't a bad CPU for the money, but with the Intel 4670K, you'll see a more efficient CPU, with a little gain on performance across the board. Probably slightly better temps too.
  8. How can you call Intel overpriced junk? Junk being the specific term. I'll agree, they ARE expensive. But you're paying for a higher quality product that uses less power and produces less heat, all the while being stronger in a lot more tasks than an AMD CPU is. Intel CPUs have a lot more pros than their one common con - the price. Some AMD CPUs will trade blows with Intel's CPU, but in quite a number of popular games that absolutely love stronger single core performance, AMD isn't even close in terms of performance.

    And SSDs/HDDs determine loading times; not your CPU. And I'd love to see which games your 6300 beats an i5. Please indulge me.

    TLDR: AMD - Budget minded, Intel - Performance minded.
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