Audio Interface for home studio music recording

I am looking to get an audio interface for music recording.

I'm looking to spend less than $100 for now, but will be upgrading in may, or possibly waiting until then to even get one if it would make more sense.

I plan on recording drums, guitars, vocals, and a keyboard.
Any suggestions?
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  1. A great, online resource is Ultimate-Guitar. This article is more specific to your needs as it shows recommended audio interfaces, but the sticky threads in this whole sub-forum may be useful.

    It's the "recording drums" that throws a wrench into my answer. I have the Focusrite Saffire 6 and it's fantastic; depending on people's experience with audio interfaces, you might also get recommended the same one, who knows. Unfortunately, you can't record drums with it, but it will do everything else you need and sound great doing it.
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    If you want to record all "drums, guitars, vocals, and a keyboard" simultaneously, then you'll need at least 8 channels in the audio interface. (expensive!)

    If you want to record one track at a time, then you can get a 2-channel that's closer to your budget ($100)

    And, for vocals and drums, you'll need microphones too!

    I shop here:
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