7870 powercolor driver problem?

Hey all, so i recently just picked up and i got two 7870s to crossfire eachother.
no matter what i do i cannot get the drivers to work properly.. yet i had a single 7770 and it worked perfectly till i tried to update... ive downloaded catalyst 13.12 and uninstalled and re installed it multiple times but no luck its still super glitchy like (like when you move a window around and it smudges things) ive tried everything i can think of re-seating the cards switching places.. multiple reboots i still cant figure it out anyhelp would be appreciated! thank you !

the cards

rest of the system
FX 6300
8gb 1600 viper ram
1tb wD black hard drive
motherboard : m5a97 le r2.0
600W thermaltake psu
windows 7 premium 64bit
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  1. your problem is the motherboard. that's a 970 chipset motherboard. it does not support xfire or sli.
  2. really? i've read different articles on people xfiring or SLI on this board.. but damn thats disappointing.. although shouldn't i still be able to run one card though? i've tried just running 1 and i still get similar problems.
  3. kowashie said:
    really? i've read different articles on people xfiring or SLI on this board.. but damn thats disappointing.. although shouldn't i still be able to run one card though? i've tried just running 1 and i still get similar problems.

    oops. you got me. sorry i wasn't thinking. it doesn't support SLi... it barely supports xfire. (x16x4) There will be a significant hit to your xfire settup since the 2nd card will run at pci-e 2.0 x4... which is definitely slow enough to significantly bottleneck that 2nd 7870. (like 30% bottleneck or so)

    That said you should be able to get them to work.

    So lets treat it like a new install. uninstall all AMD graphic drivers; update your motherboard's bios and chipset drivers. pull out the 2nd gpu. reload the computer, and fresh install your gpu drivers. See if you can't get that first gpu to work.


    Install the 2nd gpu in the 2nd pci-e slot. pull out the origional 7870, and install the graphic drivers for the 2nd card. Finally, place the first gpu back into the computer and connect the xfire bridge. then turn on xfire when you get into windows.
  4. so last night i just decided to do a fresh windows 7 install ( it was being buggy beyond belief) so today i just finished installing all the windows updates ect...
    this may sound like a noob question but updating your motherboard bios is just finding the currant software for it?
  5. And right now i have just one of the cards in ( its in the PCIE slot closest to the motherboard ) and still no luck when i try and do anything, its still super glitchy like.
  6. so i found this.. and i downloaded the top file and it says "type cap file" what do i need to run that?
    and will that download all the things needed up to this point for my bios?
  7. so i followed these steps to uninstall and then re install everything..

    and i get the cards to read, like the computer says they are there... if i go to display>screen resolution > advanced settings i can see that it says "adapter type AMD radeon HD 7800 series.
    but even windows Aero isn't here..
    Here is a print screen i took
    my bios is also updated to the latest and no luck :( i'm running out of options and i don't know whats wrong ..
  8. try the other 7870.

    strange series of issues you have. where did you get them?
  9. i've tried them both multiple times:( i bought them off a friend.. and on his computer they were working perfectly fine!
    at one point i got them both to work but when i moved my computer back up into my room it stopped working again everytime i boot up now it takes forever i get "please wait" right before the log in for like 2 minutes.. and usually it was less then 5 seconds..
    and i get this right when i get on..

    "Failed to connect to a windows service.
    Windows could not connect to the System Event Notification Service service. This problem prevents limited users from logging on to the system. As an administrative user, you can review the System Event Log for details about why the service didn't respond."
    Aero seems to be disabled also and cannot be fixed without a restart. This problem is getting to be bothersome and I need to know if it could be hardware related.
    i don't know why all of this is happening very frustrating..
    Thank you in advance for you help & patience with me.
  10. i looked up, the symptoms of this and i got directed to something telling to to go to system event.. and i did and i got this dont know what it all means... (Also dont bother with the picture to the side i have 2 screens hooked up and it copied both)
  11. mmmm... my gut tells me it's software. what version of the graphic drivers are you using?
  12. i'm running Catalyst version 13.6 which is the latest right?
    So last night i decided to take out my bottom card, and the top one seems to be working fine on its own ( which is weird cause i've brought them in and out of crossfire a lot... but i was able to play CoD Ghost for like 2 hours before it got to late ) .. ive decided id run with one card because this Xfire is becoming a hassle...
    unless you have any other ideas about why it wasn't working? because id happily run two cards for better preference! :D
    thank you in advance for all you've done thus far.
  13. well~

    I'm no expert on xfire, but as i said before, your motherboard might support xfire, but its a barely functioning version of xfire.

    That said I can come up with several posibile reasons for your problems.

    1) the xfire bridge doesn't work, or is faulty
    2) the power supply can't supply enough power for the 2nd gpu
    3) the motherboard's xfire support is not good enough, and causing problems.
    4) ~also xfire is sorta buggy

    you see, it doesn't work well in eyeinfinity mode (across multi-screens) or on dx9 titles, and in general is a bit buggy. Its possible your issues have something to do with that.
  14. so if i decided i wanted to upgrade to get them working.. should i get like a
    750W psu
    and new mother board that supports 8x8 or 16x16?
    ive heard some of the problems some people have between crossfire and SLI but i still think if you can actually get them to work, its worth it :d
  15. mmm... well your cpu will suck up 180W, as will the two gpus (underload)... that's 540W before we consider anything else. Thermaltake isn't a top of the line psu manufacturer either.

    I don't know. If you are having a hardware problem it could be the xfire bridge, the motherboard or psu.

    Do you know which Thermaltake psu you have. some of them are solid... some are junk, if you have the exact model i might be able to point you at the more likely source of your problem. In the meantime, i'd get a new xfire bridge. they're like $5, and it might solve your issue.
  16. i have two Crossfire bridges i didn't even think about trying the other since they were both new and unopened..
    i have
    It was cheap but it got some good reviews, and at the time i didn't need anything more then that.
  17. ugh. The TR2 lineup is about the worst psus thermaltake produces. They're legit firehazards and don't/can't produce their advertised voltage/wattage.

    I would replace the PSU first. Get that firehazard out of your house. I think its just a pure safety issue at this point. No idea if that's your problem or not... but i think you'll be better off with a better psu either way.

    here; find a psu in tiers 3 or above form this list. That's a great list, well researched and compiled. You'll probably want a 700W-800W unit
  18. oh? its been working fine for me, but ill put it on my priority list! the looks like a good PSU..
    And if i were to upgrade my Mobo what would you suggest?
  19. Best answer
    thats a great psu... though you might be able to get an XFX Pro unit for a little less. either way good psu. I would try the new psu and see if your issue is solved. If the problem goes away then you're golden.

    Now before i suggest a new motherboard understand that one of your gpus might just not work right. Swap them on the board and make sure the 2nd gpu works fine before splurging on anything more. If it works fine, then yeah... you might want to look at the motherboard.

    A good and easy upgrade would be going to a m5a99x evo r2.0. it's a solid motherboard, good for overclocking, and will support the xfire settup. If you had slightly stronger gpus i'd be suggesting a m5a99fx pro... as the evo suports pcie 2.0 (x8x8) xfire. on a 7870 there will be no performance loss... if you had stronger gpus, you probably would want to go with the pro and it's pcie 2.0 (x16x16) xfire support.
  20. Thanks for the reply ! i just ordered that PSU, and both cards do work ( i swapped em before ) ill look into getting on of those boards probably the PRo just for future upgrading ability..
    thanks for all your help!
  21. no problem. I've got my fingers crossed that this will solve your issue.
  22. Me too i'll let you know what happens when i find out :D!
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