550W psu with GTX 760 and FX-6300?

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  1. Also going to do a oc to prob 4.0

    Use this link to use the PSU calculator. That's the only sure fire way to know. I'd say you're definitely close to pushing the limits on the 550, but the calculator will say for sure.
    Also, you don't want to purchase a PSU that gives you no room to add/upgrade in the future or you'll find yourself having to buy another PSU. It's best to just go ahead and pay a few dollars more now vs. paying a LOT more in the future.
  3. Yes, you are fine. The 760 requires minimum 500 Watt and your processor will have more than enough power.
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    well the 6300 will probably hit 4.0ghz on stock voltage... likely will go even higher on stock voltage.

    that system will probably draw close to 450-500W under max load depending on your other parts. that psu should be fine. The pro series are all made by seasonic, and they usually are good for an extra 100 or 200W... considering that system likely won't even draw 500W you should be alright.
  5. You are ready to go, that xfx is a very food PSU. BTW, min req of 760 is 500W.
  6. Plenty of power and a quality unit made by Seasonic to boot. 500 watts recommended for a system with a GTX 760.
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