How to Configure WIFI Network As Backup In Proxy Network Settings

I have two internet connections on my PC at office premises at the same time:
1) Proxy Network
2) WIFI Network
Proxy network is my default internet connection. But sometimes, when it is not available, I want to use WIFI as backup connection, but it does not work automatically,
For this, I always have to disconnect my LAN connection and to disable proxy settings in the internet options, then I will be able to browse the internet.
Can someone help me to configure in such a way that both connections should work automatically in the same configuration without disabling LAN & proxy etc.
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  1. You can only partially do this since the proxy override is a fixed thing. You can avoid turning off the lan by removing the default route from the lan either in the network setting or with the route delete command. This assumes a simple lan network you would have to use route commands to map other office networks to the lan if you need them.

    This should allow you to just change the proxy turn if off. The traffic should then flow to the default network which is your wifi.

    To automate this you would need something running in your machine that would constantly see if it could get though the proxy and then make registry changes. Unless this happens all the time it will be safer to manually change it.
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