Corsair AX760 vs HX750 for FX6350

ASRock Extreme9 AM3+
2x 4gb Corsair 1866mhz RAM
Gigabyte Nvidia 770 4gb

Not sure if I should go with the AX760 for $170 or the HX750 for $140, this is an upgrade to a pre-existing machine. My current CX750m shrieks like a banshee when I stress test.

Its a thirty dollar price difference, and if I can I'd like to save the money, is there any discernible difference in quality or power delivery?

Thanks for your time!
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    Both are good quality powersupplies. The AX is 80 plus platinum certified while the HX is 80 plus silver certified. The AX is the higher quality PSU. :) But both PSU is good enough :)
  2. I went with the AX860 since it was on sale for the same price as the AX760. Aww yeah.
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