What could i upgrade on this CPU/GPU wise? (if possible at all) to have a decent GAMING RIG!

Ok i have a laptop and im wondering if i can upgrade the CPU/GPU at all, and if i can, What should i upgrade it too, The model of my laptop is ACER ASPIRE E1-522-3884
Specs: Amd Dual-core processor e1-2500(1.4 GHz)
Amd radeon HD 8240 with 512 mb graphics system memory
15.6" HD LED LCD
6 GB DDR3 L memory
750 GB HDD
I hope someone can help me, about what i should upgrade the CPU too and GPU (if possible)
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  1. The cpu and gpu are soldered to the board and not upgradable.
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    Us in the PC Gaming community tend to not like laptops all that much and it's not just because we have a grudge against them. The only thing you can upgrade in most laptops are:
    RAM (Memory)
    The Wifi Card
    The Storage (SSD, HDD)
  3. One of my laptops is an acer e1-571 and it isn't upgradeable past the ram and hard drive. Maybe if you put in an ssd and faster ram, your performance may increase, but not dramaticaly like going from a pentium to an i7.
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