Increase in temp when the CPU load decreases?

I have been running intel burn test with my overclocks lately, with power saving mods disabled. I also used Core temp that shows CPU % load and Temps. But then i reloaded defaults to start over, and only disabled core perf. boost and cool and quiet, and i noticed that when there is a decrease in cpu load, there is an increase in temps.

My theory is that since the CPU load decreases, so does the power that the cpu is using, so the fan decreases its cooling. But i think thats a bad feature. That increase in temp could push it over the alarm setting i have which shuts down the computer. Or maybe it could overheat.

Which settings stop it?
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  1. Should be settings in your bios. It also depends on your cpu. Ive got my cpu fan to full speed all the time.
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    It was the APM. That's what caused it.
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