Windows 7 boots slow on Samsung 840 pro

It's not too slow, but still slower then the guys have on videos in YouTube.
its like 20-25 secos till desctop for me.
it shouldn't even finish playing Win7 logo animation. But it goes for another 10-15 seconds.

I7 2600k
Samsung 840 pro 256
Geforce asus 670 2gb
8gb ram 1833mhz
seagate baracuda 2tb
wd blue 500gb
Tplink tl-wn951n pci wifi

Microsoft Windows Operating System
Avast Agent
Tp-link Wireles Utilyti
Achi mode enablet, conected to intel Sata 3(6GB)
556 read,530 write, 96000 random read, 85000 random Write.
1,19 tb total written on ssd for time being used. Drive status Good.
I had 3 different installation of Win 7 from 3 different installation disks. All of them performed pretty much the same at boot.
Intel rapid storage, rapid start not running(they dont seem to have any effect so i disabled their services)
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  1. mine's a little faster than that even with a slower vertex 4.

    Is all installed software loading at boot on the SSD.?
  2. Use event viewer to investigate your Windows 7's boot time, select Boot Time in the Custom Views tree and then sort the Date and Time column in ascending order. After this you'll see a complete history of every time you have booted your system. This is the easiest example i could find of using it.

    It is definitely worth learning how to use event viewer, not just for potential boot time issue.

    Hope that helps some.
  3. 20 odd secs, Well that's still pretty fast IMO

    Utorrent don't need to be on auto run.
  4. Gee Bee said:
    20 odd secs, Well that's still pretty fast IMO

    Utorrent don't need to be on auto run.

    I just tried to disconect hdds from motherboard. The boot time was significantly faster, but i cant have them disconected because most stuff i use is on my hdd. How can i go arround? i will try to look at windows loading log in event viewer and reply.
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    ok, maybe something is causing them to initialize a bit slower than they should, or software is actually loading from them
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