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howto set up gmail as my default email client on Windows 7

I use Windows 7. How do I set up my gmail as my default email client?
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  1. I'm not experienced in this, but I'm going to guess that it can't be done. Setting a default Email client involves declaring an application to be opened for mail. Gmail is done through a browser, not a mail application.

    I would not be surprised if Gmail provided either an app or a plugin to get around this, however. I'll peek at their support site.
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    Gmail isn't a mail client, it is a mail service. You would need to install a mail client like Mozilla, and set it up to use your Gmail account, then set Mozilla as the default client.
  3. If you use firefox as your browser, go to options -> applications. Scroll down to "mailto" and change the dropdown box to read "gmail". Now if you click on a mailto address, it will take you to gmail.

    That's about as good as it gets unless you use an email client like others have stated.
  4. Thank you all for help.Monika
  5. Anonymous said:
    I use Windows 7. How do I set up my gmail as my default email client?

    Always take care when changing the registry. Backup registry before making changes you aren't sure of.

    1. Open regedit and navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\mailto\shell\open\command

    2. Double-click the '(Default)' value name

    3. Insert this line: "firefox"

    If you use chrome just replace "firefox" with "chrome". Haven't tried with other browsers, but they should follow similar pattern.
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