Is this a problem? - GTX 660 Higher clock than Factory when gaming

Hey guys I have a GTX 660 Gigabyte Edition. I'm trying to find a solution to why my new PC keeps freezing whenever I use the Internet, have multiple applications opened, or gaming.

Normally my GPU's is @ 300-400 when just browsing the Internet and not gaming. But when I open a game like Rust, the clock speed goes up to 1167. Is this normal?

On the Box it says it s 1033mhz - 1098.

If it's not suppose to do that(go over the factory said 1098), how do I fix it?

I have not messed with any GPU settings or over clocked anything.
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    Yeah thats fine, thats just GPU boost doing its job. It will boost up the speed when its not limited by temperatures or power target.
  2. But I thought the boost was from 1033 to 1098
  3. Or is GPU boost added on to the already boosted 1098
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