Upgrading X51 r2 GPU

Currently, my x51 r2 has a gtx 645, and an i5 4670 @ 3.4 GHz. I know I must upgrade to a 330 watt power supply, which I believe is the highest for an x51 r2. What is a nice graphics card that can handle some of the newer games coming out. Please give specifics as to what I should get, like reference model, or compatibility. Thanks!
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  1. Can you get a power supply that is bigger than 330 watts? Most good GPUs will require at least 500w.

    Also what is your budget?

    For a 330w (assuming that it is a good quality psu) the only card that would give you decent performance is the 750ti but even that is cutting it very close since most can consume from 70w to 150w by themselves.

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