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i hav an application written in c# that can send sms to other mobile phone via a gsm modem. but i have a CDMA can i change the code so that i can use the CDMA modem. or can i insert the gsm sim in cdma modem and will it work? pls suggest an alternative.thanking u ,
bluesea :)
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  1. Not a problem. Simply go to college for 4-8 years, get a few degrees in how to write code, find a copy of the pre-compiled program, make the appropriate changes, compile the program, and use it like you normally would.

    Easy as pie!
  2. @Bluesea24 - do you have the source of that application? If so, find a programmer versed in C#, give him test platform, and agree on price.
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    From what I know you can not take a phone that is built for GSM and move it to CDMA. This is due to hardware restrictions because GMS phones do not have the hardware for CDMA and CDMA phones do not have the hardware for GSM phones. As far as changing the code if you have the source code for this application you can modify it to work with a CDMA.
    If you want to take a shot at making the changes your self and the source code has been well commented you might be able to read the comments and use google searches as to what change you may need.
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