thinking of getting the ASUS MX279H for gaming and media

im worried though about ghosting and motion blur. does anyone have any experience with this monitor? and please also recommend me a non ips monitor under $300 that's best visually like colors and stuff.

my current monitor is the ve248h, and i want to get another as it has blurring and ghosting. i would of replaced it when i got it but i thought it was normal at the time. i turned off overdrive but now motion blur remains on it, and my model does not have the trace free option

please and thanks!!
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  1. also my specs are the following

    i5 760 quad core
    hd 7870 hawk edition
    12gb ram
  2. That's a good choice there, nice Asus monitor
  3. cool thanks, but do you think there will be any issues with ghosting or blur?

    i started thinking about the ips monitors because i was bestbuy and saw a dell ips, and it looked so much better then the others near it
  4. Best answer
    They are nice yes, haven't had this particular one in hand, but for monitors I generally look to Asus and BenQ first, and haven't had problems w/ ghosting, etc
  5. cool thanks. one last question

    it says it has a 5 ms response time, there should be no ghosting or blur from that right? and its the latest version of ips panels aswell
  6. No, response times are grossly overated these days, the human eye can't even tell the difference between 2 and 5 ms
  7. ok thanks!!, if all goes well i should be ordering it next month then!
  8. Drop a line when you get it and let us know how you like it ;)
  9. yea will definitely!!!
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