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Avermedia LGP ps2 screen flicker?

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March 14, 2014 12:01:09 PM

Hey got my avermedia hookup via component and on the tv it goes black for a secound here and their, and keeps doing it every 20ish secounds, it is outputed via the hdmi but the recording is fine. and this is only when using my ps2, works fine on my ps3 no problem.

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March 14, 2014 7:56:34 PM

I would like to chime in that I get precisely this same problem, and I can provide more details on it.

For me, it only does this flickering when the Playstation 2 is outputting in 480i. When it is outputting in 480p, or 1080i (Gran Turismo 4 is capable of all 3 resolutions in races), the output to the TV is flawless. But when it's outputting in 480i, it constantly goes in an out, black screen, normal screen, black screen, normal screen, and it sometimes even outputs a pure pink/magenta flickering screen for several seconds.

It does this with the Nintendo Wii as well, when it's outputting in 480i, as well as 480p, oddly enough, even though 480p works just fine on the Playstation 2.

This problem seems to be limited to the component AV-in port for the Avermedia LGP, as when I tested it using straight HDMI on my Dish Network hopper, having it output on 480i, there are absolutely no problems with flickering of any kind.

It also does not matter whether I am using the PS to AV-in cable, or the component to AV-in cables, it still does the flickering in 480i.

For a game like Gran Turismo 4, since it can output in 1080i during races, it isn't much of a problem... until I go to navigate the out-of-race menu screens and it's literally impossible to do so without looking at my recorded output. Which reminds me, as mentioned before, the recording is flawless, the only thing that seems to be affected is the pass-through to the TV itself when using the component input port.