GTX 260M graphics card jumps to 93*C when playing Diablo 3, is that normal?

Card remains cool doing other "normal" tasks. I have tried the normal things of air cans, disabling backround apps, and making sure there is plenty of air flow. I must also mention that I do use a wireless connection but I know there are times when I am the only person using it. My problem is that a have had an increasing "slow down" of the game, not rubberbanding, but it plays very slow for minutes at a time then I get maybe 30 seconds to a minute, at most, of perfect action. My last course of action is to open up my laptop for a full clean or to just replace it with a better one. Can't really afford that and I am not tech savy so I am a bit hesitant to open her up.

Any info would be much appreciated, Thanks!
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  1. Have you opened it up to blow the dust out (as opposed to just blowing the dust through the vents)?

    Dust buildup can be a cause for the problems you see in older computers. In fact, you don't have to actually mess with any parts ... all you need to to do is remove as many of the access covers as you can and then try blowing out the dust from the fans you see.

    Note: while you are at it, you could check if the fans still spin while the computer is on (or just feel if air still blows out of the laptop).
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