Brand new Win 8 MSI GS70 doesn't recognise 1Tb HDD in Bios nor Disk Management

Hi learned friends. Yesterday I bought a brand new MSI GS70 Stealth from It is a UK version with 8Gb RAM, 128Gb SSD and a 1Tb HDD.

The problem is the Bios only recognises the 128Gb, both channels 2 & 3 appear to be empty. In Win 8, Disk Management only recognises the 128Gb SSD. And there aren't any unallocated volumes.

There is a tamper proof sticker across one of the screws that affix the back cover, so i cannot open it up and check if there is a HDD inside or if it is disconnected. I know I should probably wait to contact MSI UK support on Monday, but wanted to check with the gurus.

Any ideas? Thanks in-advance
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  1. If the PC can't see the 1 TB HDD in BIOS, then it isn't working. You'll need to send it back and have it replaced or repaired.
  2. Thanks anonymous1. I tried ringing them earlier today. Unfortunately I need to contact MSI UK-Support. Even worse they closed at 4pm. I will contact them on Monday. Thank you.
  3. Thanks mbreslin1954. I suspect either the HDD has failed or the SATA controller. There is another thread on Notebook Forum where the brand new MSI GT60-20D has a failed WD 1.0Tb HDD. Maybe it's a bad batch. But shouldn't they burn test the machines before they leave the factory? Or perhaps they only check the odd one-or-two from a production run.
  4. You would think they test them, but who knows? I bought a low-end Acer laptop on sale last summer at Micro Center for one of my daughters. After a week it failed to boot (hard drive failure) so I took it back. Since it was still the best bargain at the store, I exchanged it for the same one. After 17 days the second one's hard drive failed (failure to find boot media). Since the store only allowed you to return it up to 15 days after purchase, I had to send it to Acer for repair and wait two weeks (I paid for shipping it to them too).

    I know they weren't comparable to your high-end MSI, but two identical Acers both had hard drive failures with the first two weeks or so of purchase? I don't think I'll buy an Acer again.
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