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I know that google chrome runs each tab in a different process, and a process for each extension, and stuff like that. But today, I turned on my computer and got a notification that said I was low on memory. I check the task manager to see what was using my memory so much, and it was Chrome. Thing is, Chrome wasn't open. In the task manager processes tab was at least 30 processes of chrome.exe, all around 1,000-10,000 K each. Along with my low 2 gb of total physical RAM, it causes a large lack of available memory. Even weirder, these only show up when I select "Show Processes From All Users" and I am the admin account, with no other accounts created, and the guest account inactive. When I end the processes, they open themselves again. Anyone help? If I open a program now (even Chrome...) I'm running fully on virtual RAM.
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    I'm just gonna say that there's a virus or hacker behind all this.
    Run an anti-virus scan in safe mode.
    Fresh install Windows, if it doesn't get any better.
  2. You can see exactly what each of those processes are by opening the Chrome Task Manager. To do that, click the 3-bar icon in the upper right hand corner of the Chrome page, select "Tools," and then select "Task Manager."
  3. Ah, ok. Suppose it makes sense. I've been downloading quite a lot of files recently, and it's possible that some had a virus. Thanks, I'll go scan with Malware-bytes and ad-aware
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