NVIDIA GTX 670M Poor performance ?

Hi I've been noticing lately that games running on my graphics card are having low fps and causing it to reach temperature caps frequently. I'm using a GTX 670M / 3GB GDDR5 graphics card on the latest 355.23 drivers.

I've ran a furmark benchmark test and gpuz. I'm not entire sure why my results are so supar. I got a 1000~ point result on furmark, which according to research it should be around 4500~.

Any thoughts as to why my results are so low? Here are screenshots of both programs.
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  1. if you have constant high temps it could be throttling are you getting good airflow? try putting 2 game cases/movie cases/books on the left and right side to create a gap for air under your laptop and run the test agains to see if you get improved scores. make sure you are using a desk or counter to test this and not a bed/couch
  2. You should also clean out your computer, dust build-up will make temps go up.
  3. Okay I'll try to clean out my fan vent. But could 1-2 years of dust build up really be the cause of this ?

    Would I maybe have to reapply thermal paste to my gpu? This is a laptop so tinkering with the motherboard isn't going to be as easy.
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    yes you should clean your laptop and dust can cause high temps, also try my suggestion you may just need a cooling pad, after you clean it
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