Radeon HD 7700, i7-4770k - need Catalyst?

My system uses the Intel CPU graphics on my i7-4770k with Ubuntu 13.10.
Hope to improve via a Radeon HD 7700.

This system contains an ASRock Extreme 4, 32GB 1866 RAM, Samsung 840 Pro 512GB, i7-4770K,
and nothing else but the Radeon HD 7700 (when it is in place).

Without Catalyst, the Radeon HD 7700 is slower than the Intel CPU graphics.

I have surfed both tom's and the entire Internet, but find no comprehensible guidance on what Catalyst to install with on Ubuntu with an Intel Haswell, where to find it, and how to install it.

I am NOT a Linux expert.

Guidance appreciated.
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  1. Best answer
    Always install all updates in Ubuntu
    Try this link
    hope it helps
    Miss Windows :)
  2. Yes upgrade to kernel 3.13, latest radeonSI, and mesa

    You don't need or want catalyst
  3. Thanks, Miss Windows, I followed your link.
    Good news: it worked.
    Bad news: graphics were slower than the Intel graphics.

    I removed the Radeon 7700, and reverted to Intel graphics, with no software uninstalls.
    To my relief, it works as before -- well enough.

    I think I will let well enough alone. It is really pretty good as is.
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