Looking for a well colored, low budget monitor for my desktop

I have a custom made computer with an AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series graphics card and ports that will support dual monitors. (I hope in the future to purchase a cintiq so I just need a single monitor for now.) I have more details about the card if necessary.

I am an animator & artist so I need something with good color quality, something that can tell the difference between white and off white, you know? And I don't need anything larger than 24 inches. Smaller is fine.

As far as financial if it can fit the criteria and not break the bank that would be fantastic! I'm hoping to spend less than $200 but I can go up to $300.

Please help! There's too much to choose from.
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    Any color critical work almost definitely will require an IPS or PLS monitor.

    Most monitors uses TN panels.... The problem with TN panels in image editing is that the colors will change at even just a few degrees off angle.

    What this means for a computer monitor is that the colors in the center of the screen will look different than the colors at the edge of the screen, because the edges are a few degrees different than the middle of the screen. A good example of this is the color blue, which may end up being purple at the edges of the screen.

    IPS monitors do not have this color shift.
    PLS seems to be basically the same thing as IPS, but made by Samsung.

    A good cheap IPS monitor that you can find in the store would be the LG IPS models, which would allow you to get two of them for $300.
    For example:

    However, there are other options if you are willing to pay more for a single monitor.

    For example, you can get ones with 10bit color.
    Also, a nice feature to have is a monitor with 1920x1200 resolution instead of 1920x1080. That extra vertical space is rather nice to have.
    Examples of 1920x1200 IPS monitors:

    BTW, as for correct colors, the best way to get that is with a color calibrator tool (which might cost you as much as a monitor does). Otherwise, I suppose you could just read the reviews on the monitor and look for where they test the colors to see how well calibrated the monitor usually is when it comes from the factory.
  2. Thank you, this information was really needed! :)
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