Looking for recommendation on PSU with current build specs

Component Specs:
ThermalTake mATX Mid-Tower
Gigabyte H87M-HD3 UltraDurable Series LGA 1150 mATX
WD 3TB Cavier Green IntelliPower x1
LG Internal Blu-Ray Driver (Blu-Ray/DVD Rewriter) x1
Intel i5 4430 3GHz x1 (using supplied CPU Fan)
MassCool Red LED 120MM Case Fan x2
EVGA NIVIDIA GT640 128-Bit (minimum of 300W PSU, consumes 100W)
Crucial Hynix 8 GB Ram (2x4GB) (DDR3 240-pin; PC3-10600)
EVGA 600B 80+ Bronze ATX (SLI Ready) PSU (currently installed)
Seagate Backup Plus 2TB Ext. HDD (has its own power adapter and connects to USB 3.0)
Ubuntu 13.10 x64 Saucy Salamander OS
The Virtually Indestructible USB Wired Keyboard
Targus Wired USB Mouse
Logitech C110 Webcam x1

I do have a LITE-ON DVD-/CD-Rom and WD 1TB Blue HDD (with Ubuntu 13.10 x64 installed) placed inside the case but neither are connected.

According to, they recommended a PSU of 292W.
According to, they recommended minimum PSU of 400W.

This is my first build and researched everything for 2 weeks; watts consumed (amps x 12), compatibility issues, type of board to use, type of case, etc. Apparently my research was not enough. My question to all of you experts, gurus and the like; which site is more reliable and trustworthy: or Why am I getting conflicting wattage results? Should I swap out the GT 640 for a GTX 555 (currently installed in another computer? The GT 640 does not have a 6-pin molex but the GTX 555 does use one. When I installed the components (except the WD 1TB Blue HDD) and used the Inland 500W PSU everything functioned properly but I had mouse pointer trails and the keyboard lagged when I was typing. Same thing occurred when I installed the EVGA 600W but the keyboard lags as I type. What may be causing this issue? What would all of you recommend as the proper PSU to use? I will not be using a PCI-NIC since I will be connecting to an Ethernet cable.

However, when I include the LITE-ON DVD-/CD-Rom Combo drive, EOV recommends a 365W PSU and ASUS recommends a 450W PSU. Is using the 500W or 600W an overkill?

I do have an Inland ATX 500W Gold Series which was previously installed prioe to the EVGA 600W.

Any and all advice will be much appreciated, even the negative ones.
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    The 600B is more than enough for those specs.
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