Replaced the ram on my Pavilion dv6 but now the screen wont trun on.

I just installed ddr3 (pc3-10600 1333MHz) on my dv6 it has the 64bit so I thought it would work but when I turn the computer on everything but the screen turns on
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    Remove the new ram, re-install the old ram and power up. Your laptop may only be powering up but not getting to POST. This will prove you haven't broken anything, yet.
    Assuming your memory upgrade consists of 2 separate sticks, proceed to install one at a time and power up after each is installed (install first, power up, remove first, install second, repeat).

    note:-The new memory modules should have matching latencies and should not be any bigger 4GB each.
  2. they are 8GB each but I did that and it worked thanks man!
  3. err, it wasn't meant to get it working, it was just to try and identify what was broken
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