PC Won't Display. Brand New buils

2x4gb ram ( in slots 2 and 4 )
gigabyte windforce 770
corsair 750 psu
hyper 212
msi z87 - g45

dvd drive
128 gb ssd
1tb HDD

Everything powers up fine. All fans run. I can seem to get the display to come up. ive tried ports on the GPU and the MOBO.

Am i forgetting something here?
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  1. the only thing i didnt do was to install the last few small jumpers. Like HDD LED and Power LED.. Would those matter?

    Ugh this is so frustrating.
  2. Those are the front panel plugs, are you shorting the motherboard to boot up the PC right now? Or you just don't have the LEDs plugged in? In any case I would still plug them.

    Unplug the storage, GPU, and all RAM. See if any beeps or error code comes up.
  3. okay brb
  4. I unplugged the sata and power for :

    Dvd rom

    And i unplugged the 770 from the PCI slot.

    Nothing happened
  5. Do you have a speaker plugged into the motherboard? New case usually comes with one. Find one and plug it in according to your manual if you can.
  6. I got the corsair 300. I dont think it comes with a speaker.

    Is my mobo DOA? or am i messing something up.

    The ram slots 2 and 4 are ok right? I have my SSD in Sata 1, HDD in Sata 2, and my dvd drive in sata 3 slots.

    the cpu power connector is labeled CPU so i did not mix that up with the GPU power.
  7. 1 stick of RAM, no GPU, no storage. Video connectors from the motherboard's rear panel to the monitor.
  8. okay brb
  9. which slot for the 1 stick?
  10. Okay unplugged everything like you said and then i see this as the display:

    CPU Or memory changed please enter setup to configure your system.

    f1 to run setup
    f2 to load default values and continuje
  11. It boots up fine with 1 stick of ram in slot 1.... I added another in Slot 2.... And both provided the same results. I can boot to BIOS.

    I then added : DVD ROM SSD HDD and GPU. Now it wont boot again
  12. Strangest thing...... Heres what I know.

    I had everyting plugged in, EXCEPT for the GPU and the SSD...

    I could proceed to install windows from there if I wanted to.

    Is this a faulty Mobo?
  13. turns out its the GPU....... I am installing windows now. Will test it again once its installed in the other GPU slots.

    If it works in the other GPU slots should I send back my MOBO? And if it doesnt work in the other slots, than I should send back the GPU Correct? Jesus this was a headache.

    I didnt know a GPU plugged in could short out the whole motherboard.
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    Well I'm glad that we were able to narrow it down to 2 components. :)

    Yes, your assumption of tests will determine whether it's the fault of the motherboard or the GPU.

    You might want to wiggle around your GPU when you plug it in the first slot, I've just dealt with a thread today that had issue where the case, GPU, and motherboard weren't fitting properly and that he had to push the motherboard upward a little bit to make it work.

    Here is the thread
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