Building a new gaming pc please help (new builder) (urgent)

HELLO,I want to build a new pc much for gaming and entertainment . now this is the first time i am building a pc from scratch.and such need a bit of help as i am quite confused.kindly help me please -this is what i currently have

Windows 8.1 pro 64bit

kingston ssdnow 100V (128gb)
Nvidia gtx 650 ti 2gb(palit)

i live IN INDIA and this is one of the online site i am ready to buy from-

and now please any experienced person help me-

1)I have decided BIDFENDIX COLLOSUS as my pc it good?can it accomadate all things i

please give me any other (good looking) case if possible i will search it away.

2)i have decided MSI 970A-G46 Motherboard is it good can anybody suggest me better one at the price tag

3)i have seen amd and intel processors now amd motherboard+processor is way lot cheaper then intel processor and motherboard why is it so?is amd ones Very weak?

4)i have a Antec v450 psu should i upgrade to 650v? is my psu bad?

5)i want to buy a fan controller how to set it up?will it be useless?

6)i have decide red/black as pc theme i decided tt sports challenger as keyboard and want a mouse mmo or fps . and yet if multicoloured led is present then its fine.

7)what is overclocking ?should i use it?is it hassle ?.

9)i save seen a nvidia gtx 560 sli is it worth the upgrade from 650 ti?
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  1. do not touch ebay....
  2. anybody?answers please
  3. answers :-( anybody
  4. if you want anyone to help you find a case you need to show what is your mobo (motherboard)
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