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I have MSI MS-1492 barebone laptop and want to add ssd to it. Can someone translate this line to understandable language?
Hard Disk Drive: 2.5" SATA HDD drive bay (+ Optional m-SATA x 2; required to remove ODD

Do i have to remove hdd to add ssd?

Heres website:
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    It looks like it's saying that it has one slot for a standard 2.5" drive(fits both 2.5" HDDs and 2.5" SSDs), which is where your HDD probably is currently.

    It also has a pair of mSATA slots (which you can put mSATA SSDs in), but these are where the optical drive is, so you have to remove it. You'd probably need to replace it with a blank plate, or something.

    I can't find any nice reviews of it, unfortunately.
  2. What this is saying is that the computer comes with a 2.5" SATA hard drive, and yes if you wanted to upgrade it with a 2.5" SSD drive you would have to replace the HDD. This computer has the option of allowing you to install m-SATA drives which are very small SSD Cards, along with the original HDD. They typically have smaller capacities and cost more than 2.5" SSD drives. If you choose to install an optional m-SATA SSD card, you then have to remove the Optical Disk Drive, another words, you have to remove you DVD or BluRay drive to add the card. Here is link to one on E-BAY so you can see what they look like. Ebay Link removed - Someone Somewhere
  3. Or here - we're a little cautious with people posting links that could have kickback or similar:

    They're pretty much the same price and size as 2.5" drives, now.
  4. Thanks guys, i guess then DVD drive will have to go
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