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I set out with an $850 budget and by some blind stroke of UNluck, I've managed to build 2 systems that are within ONE cent of each other. These systems will be used for live-streaming 720p @ 60fps using OBS, Sony Vegas 1080p @ 30 FPS renders for Youtube, and Handbrake encoding. Im pretty set on the parts. I've done a butt-ton of research and have decided that one of these two systems will be just what I need.

These 2 videos from Tech Yes and Tek Syndicate have really made my decision a frustrating one. Hopefully someone here has personal experience with the parts I'm about to list. (Listing since not everyone likes to click links.)

NOTE: The build I choose will be supplemented with a 500gb HD for storage and a 12gb of G. Skill Ripjawz 1333 DDR3 RAM (black and blue sticks)

AMD Build (Newegg total: $852.91):
-FX 8320
-Asus M5A97 LE R2.0
-Gigabyte GV-760OC-2GD RE2.0
-Cooler Master Seidon 120v water-cooling kit
-Thermaltake A31 Mid Tower
-Seasonic M12II 650w 80+ Bronze
-ADATA 128GB SSD (for OS and caching)
-Cooler Master 4 pack 120mm fans
-Hanns-G 16" 1600X900 LED (performance monitor...monitor lol)

-8 physical, and easily OC'd cores.
-VERY upgradable parts
-Nvidia Shadowplay
-Tier 1 power supply
-Parts give black and blue color scheme w/ side window on case

-"Presumably weak" cores which could mean lower overall system performance for the things I want to accomplish.

Intel Build (Newegg total: $851.92):
-Xeon E3-1245v3 (stock cooler)
-AsRock B85 Pro 4
-HIS IceQ X² Boost r270x
-Corsair HAF 912
-Corsair CX600
-ADATA 128GB SSD (for OS and caching)
-Cooler Master 4 pack 120mm fans
-Hanns-G 16" 1600X900 LED

-Rebranded 4770 for $50 less.
-Technically a server processor, so it "theoretically" last long and comes with a few features that desktop CPUs lack.
-Intel Quick Sync
-Crossfire ready
-Aesthetically pleasing case

-No "real" OC on the processor

Vote on the build you choose and give your reasoning, please. Thanks.

EDIT: Couldn't make a poll.
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  1. Personally, I would go for the first build. It will be quicker for games (especially if you buy a 990fx chipset mobo and overclock it) However for video editing and live streaming the second build is better without a doubt. If thats all your doing then go for the second.
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    Hi there!

    That is a tricky one isn't it? Personally, even though I am something of an Intel fan (we only use Intel in my house), I would have to say that the AMD chip with it's 8 physical cores (even though they aren't overly powerful ones) coupled with the ability to overclock and the higher L1 and L2 cache (not to mention 4 times the L2 cache per core) make it the clear winner for your budget and requirements. The only downside I can see from the AMD chip is its TDP being so much higher than the Intel, but I'm guessing that power consumption isn't one of your primary concerns, lol.
  3. THIS is the video that sold me on the 8320: I watched similar vids of the 4670k and 4770k, and they just couldnt keep up. I feel like Im gonna get the best of both worlds with the AMD build. I'll have 8 physical cores to set affinities for multitasking purposes, a 760 for shadowplay, and a water cooled chip. Real world tests > synthetic benchmarks. Videos like the one above should be the standard for companies releasing benchmarks.
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