How many watts does this build need?

Hello everyone,

I'm planning to build a pc because I want to replace my mac laptop with a windows desktop for gaming and school purposes because my mac is getting problems with the battery and I can't game on it.

When I searched for the required amount of Watts using Newegg's calculator it came up with a required PSU Wattage of around 900 W, but Sapphire recommends a PSU of around 500 W for the card.

I'm not planning to crossfire/overclock the build.

So how many Watts does this build need and are there any things that I need to change for the build?

Link to the part list:

Thanks in advance.
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    with ideal and and full load, you will be good with psu of 500W having minimum of 24A @+12V Rail. Here are 2 psu, you can pick, both are good and will be enough for you:
    XFX 550W:
    Antec High Current Gamer 520W:
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