Drive allocation while windows installation or in windows? Is there a difference?

Which is better?
I'm pretty uneducated with these things and when I hear people say things like how it is better to install certain things before or after windows installation, I start applying this to all things and start to worry. So, is there a one better way over another when it comes to allocating unallocated drive?
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  1. Ehh??

    Not sure what you are referring too? Install what "things"?
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    Each way is the same, although it is easier to it at installation time.
  3. apologies for my bad explanation.
    Simply put, is it better to allocate unallocated drive space within the windows installation, or is it the same or better to do it using the computer management method while in windows.
  4. ahh, thx guys... all i needed to know heh.
  5. Oh, gotchya.

    Agree with above, won't make any difference. If you are dealing with servers, it's good to leave unallocated space so you can expand your partitions if necessary. No difference on Desktop.
  6. You can easily do partition after windows installation using disk management (right click on windows start button to get to disk management)
    But sometime disk management wouldn't allow you to create a partition bigger than half your hard drive space. In that case download a free program called EaseUS Partition Manager.
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