need a good choice

Hi. My pc specs are

Intel Core 2 Quad 8300 2.5ghz processr

Nvidia g210 512 mb grphcs crd
4gb ram

($285 ). !!
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  1. I think this will be good for you:

    Intel i3 4130
    Sapphire Amd 7770 1gb GDDR5 graphics card

    *Prices based on Flipkart.
  2. You cannot just buy a different cpu and expect it to work,you'll have to buy a different motherboard and ram too for that.

    Some info about your psu would be nice too,just to see what it can handle.

    Edit as requested,

    You want a better processor (=cpu) and graphics card (=gpu),you get an advice for the 4130 and the 7770,but there's a problem there if you don't get a new motherboard too.

    The q8300 you have got is socket 775 and the 4130 is socket 1150,so the 4130 cannot fit onto the motherboard you already have,so you'll need to buy a new motherboard too.

    That socket 1150 motherboard also uses another type of ram which is ddr3 while your current motherboard uses ddr2,so you need to buy different ram as well.Again do you need to buy new ram too then.

    I would say to just buy a different gpu and look how it goes with that.I still use a q8200 (@ 3ghz though) in my second rig and can play for instance bf4 @ medium settings with a crossfire of amd 5830's.

    Don't get me wrong,the q8300 will botlleneck a decent gpu,but it might be the better option.I haven't looked at flipkart,so can't say if the cpu+motherboard+ram+gpu will be under RS.18000.

    For a nice gpu will you need a decent power supply (=psu) so therefore my question about the specs of that.
  3. Friend, my current psu is CORSAIR 450 watts. I bought a gtx 750ti today. If I connect this gpu into my current mobo , will my pc be damaged???
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    With the psu being a corsair i suspect you will be fine,a gtx 750 ti doesn't use that much nor does the the q8300.
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