600 Watt Thermaltake Power Supply Enough to Power a GTX 780?

Would a 600 Watt Power Supply power the GTX 780? The minimum watt requirement is 600 so it meets that. I'm just hoping to avoid blowing up over a $1,000 worth of computer parts. I would sincerely like to avoid installing another PSU because they can be a pain. Also, I won't have much of a budget after buying the GTX 780.
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  1. which thermaltake psu is it. coz there tough power psu's under 650w are pretty poor and may not provide the power you need in a sustained manner.
  2. I'm not sure exactly, I'll open my computer up and take a look when I can. I bought it from a local computer store for $100. It looks like it was made really well and it's had no trouble so far powering my 2GB 7850 GPU and FX 8320 CPU.
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    well if its 1 of the better 1s then yes there will be no issues. 300 for the gpu, 140 for the cpu, 20 for the motherboard 10w per fan 20w per hdd
    so your probably gonna be at around 500w at full burn but the average will likely be around 350w-400w while gaming.
  4. Thanks a bunch, you're a life saver! Or a money saver in this case, I was pretty sure my PSU could power it fine I just wan't sure about the consumption from the rest of my computer.
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