What Gpu is a better choice?

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  1. the first one has a slightly higher clock out of the box by 25mhz. thats all i can see different.
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    Uhh the MSI is slightly faster clocks than the Sapphire like 25 mhz but the Sapphires memory is a little faster than MSI by 100 mhz. I would do the MSI as memory speed is not that much of an issue. Also you can use MSI burner to overclock and such and only $15 more
  3. Don't beat yourself up about which to pick. There is negligible difference.
    I might just pick the cheaper one.
    And... shop around, you can find the card for $20 less elsewhere.
    For example:
  4. both are neither here or there in specs 25 on gpu and 100 on vram.

    The msi is the better card IMO. Hell it even looks better.
  5. Just to be contrary,
    I like the looks of the sapphire :)
    It looks like it will exhaust heat better.
  6. well each to their own i guess.
  7. Or even better go the other route and get the GTX 750 for around the same price and better performance and about 30 dollars more you get the 750 Ti
  8. i have two 280x's in cfx with very bad external exhaust. It's all blown into the case. The airflow in the case looks after that.
    In average gaming it's like 65-70c, and worse case scenario high seventies. The top is card is obviously always higher temp, cause heat rises and it's doing most of the work even with 90% scaling.

    ummmm.. back on topic then
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