Will this graphic card support for my mainboard

my old graphic card is xfx geforce 9600 1.5gb farcry edition.and im going to replace MSI gtx 660 2gb.will there be a problem? my mother board intel DG43NB.thank you
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  1. It should work in theorey however you might encounter problems/performance issues because the motherboard is not very recent.

    I suggest you update your bios on your motherboard if you upgrade.
  2. So can i work with the new graphic card like my old graphic card???
  3. It should be okay however there is a risk that you will have issues. Buy the card in a place that offers returns.
  4. you mean that the card will dead or something may bad happen.critical problem.Seriously dude..?? I've already purchased one and it will deliver soon.
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    Probably not unless you don't know how to install the video card, Most likely you will not encounter such serious problems.
    My guess is that you might not get the full potential out of the video card with your platform. " performance Issues"

    Hopefully you will be fine

    Good luck!
  6. Got it thank you
  7. You're Welcome! let me know how it works out.
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