Install Error Win 8.1 Pro on New PC Build

Hello, I previously posted this on another forum, but I received no solutions. I hope someone might be familiar with my problem.

New build: Windows 8.1 Pro installing on Plextor SSD

So far: Windows copys and goes up to 100% on installing. Then after automatic restart I get error saying that Windows ran into an unexpected error, restart and continue installation.

But restarting doesn't help.

Solutions tried:

1. get out of cycle by going into BIOS on restart, then restart booting from DVD. Goes through same cycle and ends with same error.

Note: Sometimes it restarts and shows me 4 or 5 different versions of the operating system to choose from (I guess because I've gone through this several times). REgardless of what I choose, I end with same error.

2. Have reseated and swapped RAM.

3. Have unhooked and reconnected SSD

4. Have disconnected all USB on the case from motherboard.

5. Flashed CMOS.

Nothing has worked and I'm desparate for ideas.

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  1. This is solved. It was an incompatible wireless LAN card. Windows 8 compatible. NOT Windows 8.1 compatible.
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