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Hello and thanks to all here. I have enjoyed reading post on various topics and want to say thanks in advance whether you respond or not.

I am looking to get a new laptop (my toshiba keeps crashing and have sent to Toshiba 3 times to fix and still crashes and now sending to Assurion-Officemax for repair and hopefully Toshiba I am not thrilled with).

I am looking to purchase at walmart or sams due to having credit there.

I use my laptop for some gaming (WarCraft, StarCraft, Diablo, and might get into other games with newer system). I also use it to backup my DVD/BD's and as a sort of HTPC. I hope this helps with the encoding/decoding and gaming information.

I have narrowed it down to the following each with something different about the CPU or GPU but looks OK. I have tried to read the post about different graphics cards and more but am now getting more confused so I thought I might come to the professionals. I admit I get confused with difference in Intell 4000,4400,4600 and AMD's and NVidia's, especially where i read one post about AMD 8xxx series will support Mantle which I have read on lightly but looks promising.

I also know that a true gaming laptop will be very expensive which my budget is trying to go under 1100 and I do not want a desktop and laptop.

Here are the ones I am looking at:

If for what I am doing most will suffice I admit that I would like to increase to a 17" display (but if 15 is far superior than will do).

Thanks for taking the time to read my post and I eagerly look forward to all thoughts and advice.

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  1. Thanks, looks like a great machine but....1) do not think I can get that one and 2) what about the SLI? I read some games will not utilize SLI and could use second GPU as a ?PHSYX?(not sure if spelling right).
  2. Thanks,did not know that
  3. I second the Y510p. Awesome laptop for an awesome price. The best laptop you listed there was and that has the equivalent performance of a single GT755m. The Y510p has two of them and a better CPU for the same price. Unless you have a few hundred dollars credit for walmart, I suggest ordering a Y510P online or try finding it in a local computer store.
  4. Just wanted to say thanks. I will work on getting that one but may have to wait a bit.
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