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Hi, My new mobo CPU and case just came in today. I installed the ram connected the USB port my power supply is enough it's a cx 500 and the gpu I have is a GeForce gtx 660. Everything pretty much checks out but soon as I hit the power button, nothing comes on. No fans move no lights. My motherboard is the msi h87 g43 and the case is the raidmax Augusta. Is there something I'm not plugging in right because I don't understand, the psu is connected to the large pin connector. Not sure how many but it's the largest one. I also have the USB port connected to the power button and the power cable is plugged into the outlet. I'm not sure what's wrong. The CPU is connected aswell it's an i3 4130
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    "I also have the USB port connected to the power button" that doesn't sound right.

    The largest connector is the 24pin connector so that's good, make sure to also plug the 8-pin connector that gives power to the CPU (check your mobo manual to find out where it goes).

    Also make sure to have correctly plugged the front panel cables in their corresponding place (again, check your mobo manual) since among them is the power switch.
  2. I didn't mean power button sorry I meant I have the USB 3.0 connected to the right USB 3.0 spot on my motherboard
  3. Never mind i solved it. Thank you for the help. I'll best answer you for your effort
  4. Glad to hear you solved it, what was it the problem?
  5. I didn't have the power switch plugged in XD meh, what ya gonna do I'm a first time builder.
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