WiFi USB adapter causing Asus Boot Logo to stay on screen for long time?

I have a Asus H81M-PLUS Motherboard

Whenever I insert my WiFi USB adapter into a USB ver2.0 port at the back of my PC it causes the ASUS boot logo to stay on screen for long time during POST then Windows 7 boots quick and normally. This USB device is working fine in a windows environment and it works without problems on my other PC.

I also have a wireless USB receiver for keyboard and mouse attached at the front of my PC.

Whats causing this problem? If its not a problem then what settings do I change in the Bios so it stops recognising/booting my WiFi USB device during POST?

I have the latest Bios installed.

Im using Windows 7 and the Bios is UEFI. Windows 7 is old legacy bios right and Windows 8 is the new UEFI. Is the problem related to this?
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