System Restore without removing an OS

I was wondering if there was a way to restore my system but not get rid of my operating system? I have windows 7
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  1. can you clarify please? the way you've phrased the question makes it difficult to understand what you want. what would you want to restore, and what did you use to perform the backup?
  2. I would like to restore my pc back to factory but still have my windows 7 on it because i dont have a cd to put it back on my pc. I dont have my pc backed up but was wondering if there was an option to do this like there is on phones and tablets?
  3. make and model of your pc? or did you build it yourselves?
  4. if you have a store bought pc they normally have a restore to factory setting. you do it by either using the included dvd's or when the computer starts up you hit one of the Function keys and go into the restore menu. first and foremost backup your data because a factory restor will delete everything and reset it to the day you bought it. what make model and brand computer do you have?
  5. I have a cyberpower pc but is completely rebuilt
  6. well if it's completely rebuit do you have any restoration cd's? worst case you would have to manually reinstall windows. do you have a copy of windows?
  7. I have a windows key but not the cd so id there a way to wipe it and put it back on with a key?
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    You can reinstall win 7 with another win 7 install DVD of the same version that the CD key is for,then download all the drivers for the laptop and when you go to activate windows do it by typing in the CD key on the laptop (if it does not activate the do it by phone)

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