The best mouse & keyboard for stylish office


I am building a new office, and stuck in choosing an amazing mouse and keyboard.

What I am looking for, is a keyboard and mouse:
In modern stylish design.
They have to be quiet unless how hard i smash in to it.

Best Regards
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    Logitech MK710. Pricey, but they are definitely worth it. This is the nicest wireless keyboard and moues that I have seen and used.
  2. Today there are many branded mouse and keyboards which are very easily available in market. Previous we have seen when mouse and keyboard was attached with laptop or personal computer, there used to be wire. But today wires have disappeared. just insert pencil cell in mouse and keyboard and enjoy your work. According to me all business community and employees should use those accessories where wires should be very less. To see images just go to Google and click on images and type mouse and keyboard without wire and see the different brands.

  3. If you're just interested in style, get the new Mac Pro. Macs are definitely what all the stylish kids have!

    Joking aside, the Arc Touch mouse & Keyboard also have a very distinctive look with an assortment of colors (like Sangria Red!).
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