Just asking, what do you think about my build?

Hi, I am currently build a gaming pc and i want to know what do you think about it. So, this is what I am going to use:
I7 4770 (not k verision i dont plan any overclocking)
2x Sapphire Radeon R9 270X 4gb
Kingston HyperX Blu 16GB 1600mhz cl10
750W PSU (I am upgrading that from my old PC so i dont know more info about it)
MSI B85-G43 Gaming

Is it good? Or bad? What would you change?
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  1. You will probably need a bigger PSU because the two R9 cards are power hogs. Other than that, if your budget allows it then this build is insanely powerful.
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    There are definitely some things you can change.

    - Get an i5 instead of an i7. They are identical except for Hyperthreading, which games can't take advantage of.
    - Get one high-powered graphics card instead of two low-powered ones in Crossfire. Games don't support low-power crossfire very well.
    - Get 8gb of RAM instead of 16. 16 isn't necessary for gaming.
    - You'll need to find the model of your power supply to make sure it is compatible with the new parts. Old ones won't support the newest generation of Intel processors and they might not have the amps required to power the video cards.
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